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Expertise & Themes

As an experienced entrepreneur and trainer, Frank M. Scheelen knows “where the problems lie” in many companies and can provide practical answers to these issues, as for example:

  • How to find the right employees, how to position them in the right place,
  • How to educate them further in a goal-oriented way and how to commit them to the company
  • How to ensure the performance of top performers
  • Sales Optimization
  • Management Skills
  • Competence-based Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneur Coaching

These are the areas that will lead your future business to success! And these represent the key competencies of Frank M. Scheelen and the Scheelen® AG team. Benefit from our profound knowledge and expertise including the following services:

  • Competence-based Business Development
  • Integrated Business Consulting
  • Increasing the Value of a Business through Competence Management
  • Focused Stress Prevention and Psychological Risk Assessment
  • Training
  • Personnel Development
  • Human Resources
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Talks/Lectures
  • Inspirational Workshops

Frank M. Scheelen is pleased to support you with his experiences as a consultant, trainer or speaker.


Lecture Topics

You already learnt that Frank M. Scheelen considers people to be the essential drivers of a successful business. But what does this mean exactly? What are the decisive factors that make success human? This can be most clearly illustrated by presenting the different topics of Frank M. Scheelen’s talks: “Future trends in leadership: What distinguishes being a leader from being a manager?”

  • Extraordinary Leader: How Leadership Competencies Drive Business Success
  • Competency Development: A Key Factor for Entrepreneurial Success
  • Relationship Management: How to Gain Any Type of Customer
  • Avoiding Stress and Burnout: How to Ensure Performance in a Sustainable Way

Extraordinary Leader: How Leadership Competencies Drive Business Success

Learn more about the recipe for success based on the latest studies of 30.000 executive leaders in order to gain satisfied clients, enthusiastic employees, extraordinary leaders and a successful business. While bad executive leaders make losses, good executive leaders make profits and extraordinary leaders double profits.

Competency Development: A Key Factor for Entrepreneurial Success

How can you develop the competencies of your employees in a perfect way and in accordance with the key competences of your business? Learn how you can put your business strategy into practice by developing your employees in a goal-oriented and sustainable way.

Relationship Management: How to Gain Any Type of Customer

Every entrepreneur and employee of a business works together with other people. However, colleagues, employees or customers are individuals with different needs, fears and competencies. The person that is able to recognize the human nature of his counterpart and to show some understanding for his situation, will find a better and more successful way of communication. Moreover, this person will be able to build long-lasting relationships and to inspire the people around him, no matter if they are employees or clients.

Avoiding Stress and Burnout: How to Ensure Performance in a Sustainable Way

“How meaning influences the performance of your employees."
Learn about the stress sources of your employees and your organization, and how to positively influence them.

SCHEELEN® AG in its anniversary year - 25 years of excellence



Kessel Racing is the winner of the Blancpain Series that had been sponsored by SCHEELEN AG®.

Cars & Stars in Monza: Interview with Frank M. Scheelen, sponsor and friend of Freddy Kremer

SCHEELEN sponsors the Ferrari Racing Blancpain Endurance Series via Kremer Racing during the 2016 season

The one who makes adjustments in the right place can become even better, faster and more successful. The one who measures his parameters and qualities on the benchmark is the one who will gain decisive competitive advantages. The one who defines his key competencies and optimises his skills will be among the leaders. This holds true for both, motorsport and management consulting.

Many common features have prompted us to represent ourselves in our anniversary year as a sponsor of the prestigious brand Ferrari. We support Kremer Racing with a Ferrari in international motorsport during the Blancpain Endurance Series.

Start up your engine. Enjoy the feeling of speed. Reach your goals: Visit us at the Blancpain Series in Monza on the 24th of April 2016 and become part of this exclusive motorsport experience.

No matter if on the circuit or in business: The goal is always to obtain extraordinary results and to use interpersonal competencies and individual skills to reach them. No matter what the circuit looks like, which treacherous chicane or steep turn is waiting, no matter if full speed or reduced speed is necessary – the ideal tools, the appropriate training and first-class consulting allow you to cross the finish line in all situations with flying colours.

Just as telemetry is a tool to steer success in the racing car, Scheelen AG uses the latest methods to optimize the qualities of its business. You want to achieve top performances and perfection, gain predictable as well as repetitive successes? Then you need technique and know-how, besides ambitions and spirit. Hence, the requirements of modern motorsport are identical to the benchmarks of Scheelen AG.

Can you already feel the gasoline in your blood? Then let us see each other on the circuit. We are looking forward to meeting you

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