Frank Scheelen

About Frank M. Scheelen

“How can a company be expertly managed in times of constant change?”, “What really makes an outstanding leader, and how can I become one?”, “How can we deliver top performance in everything we do?” – Frank M. Scheelen is a successful entrepreneur, multi-award-winning speaker and renowned author who has dedicated his professional life to answering these key questions. He not only strives to address these questions with scientifically-based, in-house studies and cooperation with economic institutes around the world. He is also living proof of a successful entrepreneur. Under the guiding principle of “Entrepreneurial Excellence”, he has built up and now, as CEO, strategically manages seven companies and branches of SCHEELEN® AG in Germany and abroad over the last 30 years or so. Highly successful, he is dedicated to providing holistic consulting to entrepreneurs and companies with a focus on competence and personality diagnostics and development, stress management and outstanding leadership. Always keeping in mind: How can top performance be achieved at all levels – and in the long run? Frank M. Scheelen knows first hand how “Entrepreneurial Excellence” can succeed and is highly respected as a visionary with his motivating presentations.

Frank M. Scheelen: Entrepreneur, speaker, top consultant – and race car driver

As an entrepreneur and top consultant, Frank M. Scheelen knows how to come out ahead in business and beat out the competition – because there is a difference between “good and great”, between “just being good” and “being excellent”. This difference is determined by the crucial core skills at the right stage of development, a reliable “gut instinct”, i.e. emotional skills, as well as experience, the right timing and the right strategy. Further evidence of Frank M. Scheelen’s credentials is his proven success as a race car driver who is at home on all European racetracks.

Professional consultant, speaker and author

As a successful entrepreneur, CEO and top consultant, Frank M. Scheelen, together with the extensive SCHEELEN® AG consulting team, has everything to support your company on its way into the future. This is evidenced by the long list of high-profile references and many awards, e.g. as Top-Consultant (2011 und 2019).
But Frank M. Scheelen also brings his expertise to the table as a book author and respected commentator in public discourse and publisher; he is a sought-after interview partner for the industry press and business media and a well-known business speaker.

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