Frank Scheelen

Consulting for Entrepreneurial Excellence

Frank M. Scheelen knows how successful corporate management, inspiring leadership and a smart strategy for the future can be for enterprises in these challenging times of globalization, digitalization, demographic change and volatile markets. He is living proof as a very successful entrepreneur.

He shares this knowledge and skills as a speaker, author and above all as a top business consultant for medium-sized companies and international corporations. Together with the international consulting team of SCHEELEN® AG, he has been dedicated to “Entrepreneurial Excellence” for around 30 years with the aim of creating more long-term success for customers’ companies. Strategic consulting, talent management, leadership development, HR consulting and change management – these are the key areas SCHEELEN® AG and Frank M. Scheelen focus on in their award-winning work (Press releases can be found here:

Frank M. Scheelen, CEO SCHEELEN® AG and top consultant, Claudia SCHEELEN, Board Member SCHEELEN® AG and Die UnternehmerCoach with former German President Christian Wulff at the presentation of the “Top Consultant 2019” award to Frank M. Scheelen

Stress management, personality diagnostics, competence development – the tools

As CEO of the renowned SCHEELEN® AG, Frank M. Scheelen has access to a large team of consultants, an extensive range of methods and the well-known personality, stress management and competence diagnostic tools of the holistic consulting company SCHEELEN®, which you can also benefit from:

Frank M. Scheelen – recipient of Top Consultant award

Frank M. Scheelen is a member of the German Speakers Association (GSA). As part of Club 55 he teaches at several universities and has received several awards as a consultant and for products and services of SCHEELEN® AG.

Top Consultant 2011 and 2019

Top Consultant 2019-1

Human Ressources Award

Innovation prize for innovative SMEs

Zertifikat_Best of 2012

Accredited consultant for STRESS PREVENTION by SCHEELEN®

Extraordinary Leadership Coach by Zenger|Folkman (USA

Accredited consultant for INSIGHTS MDI®

Accredited consultant for ASSESS by SCHEELEN®