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The entrepreneur and lecturer Frank M. Scheelen has authored many publications including reference books, essays in popular science anthologies, industry articles in business magazines and publications, a blog, video columns and webinar recordings. He is also involved in publishing activities as the founder of the educational publishing company SCHEELEN®. Here’s a short selection:

“What does this person REALLY want from me right now? What is this person saying? What makes this person tick – and what’s the best way for me to deal with it?” – these are the questions that executives in companies, team leaders, HR managers, colleagues and recruiters ask themselves hundreds of times every day when talking to applicants and salespeople in negotiations with customers.

“What People Really Want”, written by Vogelhuber and Scheelen, is an easy-to-read business guide that provides readers with simple and clearly explained answers to these questions.

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Why is it that orders are through the roof for one salesperson while the other is desperately struggling to find prospective customers for a similar product? 95% of our success depends on how well we get along with other people. Our relationship skills are the key to successful sales. Find out how to become a relationship manager and win over every customer, even “hopeless cases”.

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Successful HR development starts with the corporate strategy. Only companies with a clear competence profile will find highly skilled employees for the right task. Tools for competence diagnostics like ASSESS help with strategy and personnel selection. This is the only way you can find employees whose skills will contribute to the company’s success.
Frank M. Scheelen shows in this book how competence analysis tools are used in the ideal recruiting and training process.

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Change processes in companies can only succeed if change is understood as a complex management task. This book focuses on people as drivers of change and concretely addresses problems and solution strategies for change projects.

Frank M. Scheelen delivers best practices on change processes that really succeed.

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The long-time bestseller by Frank M. Scheelen at Redline: In a unique, extensive and in-depth book, Alexander Christiani and Frank M. Scheelen – two of the most experienced and successful business coaches in Germany – describe talent intelligence, or how to recognize talent and put it to the best possible use. For many years, they have been systematically researching the secrets of satisfied top performers. Their insight: Long-term success and happiness can only be achieved by consistently building on individual strengths in one’s professional and private life.

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Executive Excellence. The magazine for leadership, management and personal top performance – the title says it all! For many years, the entrepreneur, top consultant and speaker Frank M. Scheelen has been publishing the widely read management magazine in the educational publishing company by SCHEELEN®.
Each issue is packed with information on current management issues, leadership development, corporate governance and Extraordinary Leadership – true “Entrepreneurial Excellence”!

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You can find more books, audio books, white papers and the publications of speaker, entrepreneur and author Frank M. Scheelen in the magazine EXECUTIVE EXCELLENCE in the EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY by SCHEELEN®:

Articles and columns by Frank M. Scheelen are available upon request from the communications agency text-ur agentur Dr. Gierke,,

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