As a very successful entrepreneur with several companies at home and abroad and a top consultant, Frank M. Scheelen knows exactly what he is talking about. His presentations are always based on hard facts and the latest research. But Frank M. Scheelen knows how to turn expertise and knowledge into compelling presentations and inspiring key note speeches. This makes Frank M. Scheelen a much booked speaker, a ‘safe bet’ for your company event or conference!

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Frank M. Scheelen: Entrepreneurial Excellence – the presentations

Of course, we can create an exclusive presentation tailored to your needs – entrepreneurial excellence, competence diagnostics, competence development, “From good to great”, entrepreneurial passion, extraordinary leadership … or choose from one of the following presentation topics, which we of course individually adapt to your company or conference:


Germany’s managers in crisis (?!)

  • In an international comparison, Germany’s managers perform poorly, especially when it comes to people management. A presentation based on the latest studies with more than 66,000 managers worldwide explains the challenges and outlines concrete solution models. And what’s this about a “fatal flaw”?…
  • Beyond limits: Smart companies strengthen their strengths – learn the recipes for success for excellent companies, satisfied customers, motivated employees. There doesn’t need to be a leadership crisis – there is a way to go from “good to great”!



Extraordinary Leadership: Inspiring leadership in the digital revolution

  • How outstanding leaders capitalize on skills, values and finesse to guide employees and companies through the bumps associated with digital transformation: “From good to great” – what does it take to achieve true excellence.
  • A presentation based on the latest studies with more than 66,000 managers worldwide – learn the recipes for success for excellent companies, satisfied customers and enthusiastic employees.



People as a megatrend: Leading with sensibility and good sense

  • Companies are still managed by and with people – and these people have very different skills, abilities, personalities, needs and goals. Learn how to reliably identify personality structures, determine skills and measure stress levels as well as helpful resources.
  • This is how balanced companies function, where people work with dedication, finesse and common sense.



What people really want – how to win over every customer

  • Whether employees, customers or negotiating partners – everyone has needs and drivers that play a fundamental role in their decisions. But in the business world, they are usually “hidden” to gain a better negotiating position.
  • Learn to “read” your audience correctly and win them over – with passion and skill.



trepreneurial Excellence: Healthy & excellent corporate management


  • In well-managed companies, employees burn with passion for their work – but they don’t burn out! In reality, however, rates of stress-related illness and absenteeism, burnout and poor employee choices increase drastically every year.
  • In this presentation, Frank M. Scheelen tells you what you can do to achieve healthy AND excellent management in your company with committed and motivated employees on the basis of study results collected over many years and his experience as a top consultant.

Experience Frank M. Scheelen as a speaker in action

Frank M. Scheelen is not only an authentic, hands-on entrepreneur who has first-hand knowledge of the challenges of the globalized and digitalized markets, he also brings power and drive to every event with his passion for motor sports and as a highly successful race car driver.
The “Entrepreneur with Drive” is booked by conference organizers and companies as a visionary key note speaker to address topics such as extraordinary leadership, competence management and passionate entrepreneurship.

Of course, you can also arrange individual key note speeches and talks for your company event or conference with speaker Frank M. Scheelen: Simply send us your non-binding inquiry:
or by telephone +49 (0)7741 – 96 94 25.


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